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Converting coffee to code...

Hello there,
my name is Sefa or, as you might have seen me on the Internet, Scrumplex. I am an enthu­siastic developer from Germany who is wor­king on their bachelor's degree. I invest lots of my time into playing around with many tech­nologies. Linux is my primary interest. I maintain multiple servers and con­tri­bute to various open source tech­nologies around the Linux space. As for pro­gramming languages, I primarily use C/C++, Python, Bash, Rust and Java. But I always try to in­corporate other languages as well, if they fit the use-case.
I know my way around CI/CD pro­fessional­ly, especially inter­acting with GitLab CI, Kubernetes and all the technologies around these. My daily com­puting is shaped by  free software. I generally pub­lish all my work under a copyleft license, the same as most of the software I use. If you want to see what I am working on right now, go to any of the platforms linked on this page.